Changemaking together


Younity Works is a Social Purpose Business that focuses on people, profit and planet woven into everyday life..


We believe more people can play an active part in one of the fastest growing global movements: social purpose.


Our Vision

A world of enriched lives, united people and care for the planet

Our Purpose

Bringing the United Nations Global Goals to life locally and globally by catalysing changemakers of all ages everywhere. These goals are designed to transform our world by 2030.

We take people, organisations and businesses on transforming journeys aligned to their chosen goals that strengthen their ability to make a bigger impact in the world.

Imagine a journey of self discovery shared with like-minded people and the pathway, knowledge and tools to make real effective long-lasting change instead of a small random difference.

When each person brings their own gifts, ideas and passion together, big shifts happen! This is the YOU in Younity. We create and promote opportunities to bring people together in UNITY to think, learn and act together as changemakers for a better world. You + Unity Works!

Younity Works aims to meet 7 United Nations Sustainable Development goals

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Our Principles

✦ We facilitate with lightness, positivity and enthusiasm to enhance learning and make change more achievable and exciting.

✦ We guide real problem solving and innovation by taking thoughtful, heartfelt action, reflecting on the results and embedding the learning to initiate sustainable change.

✦ We instill the desire and capability for building engagement, relationships and collaboration that impact individuals, organisations and the community.

✦ We foster shared power and leadership in people, groups and communities to identify and act on issues that are important to them.

✦ We believe that every person, group and community has potential and by focusing on strengths and searching for the best, greater growth and sustainability happens.


Yolie Entsch

Yolie Entsch

Social Purpose Leader
Younity Works was founded by Yolie Entsch who has been passionately initiating and engaging in innovative projects addressing social and environmental issues for over 25 years.

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Deb Jones

Deb Jones

Real Life Leader
Deb Jones is honoured to be leading the powerful Real Life Programs for Younity Works, bringing a a zest for life and an attitude of ‘what is possible?’. She has a passion to educate and inspire.

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Sonia Tremblay

Sonia Tremblay

Business Assistant
Sonia joined the Younity Works team in December 2017 because it is a special business with a great message and purpose to truly help individuals and businesses to reach success in all areas of their lives.

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