At Younity Works we believe positive shifts in your life and the world can be fun and achievable.

Younity Works is a Social Purpose Business that focuses on people, profit and planet woven into everyday life. We guide people, organisations and businesses in bringing the UN Global Goals to life in creating a Better World by 2030.

As a player in the Social Purpose Movement, Younity Works enables local people, businesses and communities to spearhead local and global issues.

When each person brings their own gifts, ideas and passion together, big shifts happen. This is the ‘you’ in younity.

We create and contribute to opportunities that bring people together in ‘unity’ to think, learn and act together to create a community where everyone can thriveYou+Unity does Work! 

Imagine a journey of self discovery shared with like-minded people and the pathway, knowledge and tools to make real effective long-lasting change instead of a small random difference.

Powerful Impact Pathways

We all have the capacity to become change makers. Our communities rely on local people acting together to solve local problems.