Have you felt frustrated with ad hoc volunteering and random donating?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the range of causes and issues that need to be tackled?

Do you have a community project burning inside you and not sure how to release it?

Do you want to make a greater positive impact in the world but not sure where to start?

Are you clear about the kind of community you dream of as we move forward?

We have found that you can make a greater positive impact in the world with targeted consistent focused action. One way to achieve this is with Causeway, a clear pathway we have designed to bridge people and businesses from a small cause to greater purpose.

Causeway consists of four levels of action, each with three types of activity, that progresses you from reasonably simple and immediate action to more complex and sustained action. You enter the Causeway at the level you’re at now and progress with experience, time and confidence to become a change agent. Find friends and family members to join you on your journey and share the power of impact together in unity.

As you walk the causeway magical things happen:

  • You have deeper connections with others and have a sense of belonging
  • You explore and contribute to your community more
  • Your creativity is expressed
  • You gain greater courage
  • You find within a new self, a unique social purpose as you are empowered to act in unity with others.

This is the ‘you’ in younity.

Causeway is a journey designed to bridge the gap between cause and purpose.

With your very own Cause to Purpose Map, you will explore the 4 levels of causeway with 3 types of activity at each level.

You can start small at Level 1 and grow your impact, or start at the next level, aligned with your passion, strengths and values.

No matter where you are on the Causeway you will have the tools, knowledge and direction to suit your lifestyle.

Causeway is a journey designed to bridge the gap between cause and purpose.

The pivot point for Causeway is, the community project in Level 2. That’s where your commitment, energy, efforts and creativity expand.

By understanding Human Centred Design and strengths-based practice you will focus on the issues and dreams that move and inspire you and need your gifts.

Learn about your personality, using strengths to build a team and access community assets for greater impact.

With a simple model of social change and a best fit organisation you develop a project to tackle these issues or progress your dreams.

Causeway Coaching

Causeway Coaching

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Causeway Coaching is a structured journey that guides you in clarifying your social purpose based on your strengths, passion,preferred lifestyle and commitment.
From smaller community activities and projects, working in partnership with a Not-for-Profit or starting a Not-for-Profit organisation or Social Enterprise – whatever small to large sized action you want to take, using the Causeway we can guide you on your journey.

Social venture: start-up and grow

Social venture: start-up and grow

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You want to start a new venture! Together, we unearth your purpose, in relationship to the cause landscape, for a unique niche and vision to lead and inspire you.

We step you through the 3 phases of starting, growing and sustaining your social venture idea. We guide you in the sometimes-confusing process of choosing and registering the best legal structure and the right paperwork to complete to set-up your Not-for-profit or Social Enterprise

Prime Purpose

Prime Purpose

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You are in your Prime, 50s and beyond, and you yearn for a deeper sense of fulfilment and engagement – perhaps you are at a crossroad and feel uncertain about which way to go and asking: “what do I want to do for the rest of my life?”
In Prime Purpose you will explore how your personality, your joy spark, strengths and passion become a compass to design a Prime Purpose Project to guide your life’s direction and build relationships and community connections.